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About SPS

The overlay is the process by which original structures are reinstated with SPS.

  • The existing structure is retained and reinforced with a new steel layer and polyurethane core resulting in a strong, flatter surface.
  • Reduced repair times, often without taking vessels out of service or waiting for an offshore shutdown period.
  • Approved by all major Classification Societies for permanent repair and strengthening of existing vessels and structures and for new build applications.
About SPS

Typical maritime applications include:

  • Fire rated thermal barriers
  • Tank top reinstatement
  • Car decks
  • Ice class upgrades
  • Sound and vibration deadening on passenger vessels
  • Deck reinstatement on any vessel.

Typical offshore applications include:

  • Pontoon reinstatement on semi-submersibles
  • Side impact protection on FPSOs
  • Strengthen helidecks, pipe decks and landing areas
  • Deck reinstatement on all platforms
  • Create blast walls
  • OSV decks reinstatement
  • Dropped object protection solutions
  • Jack up spudcan reinforcement.

SPS No Hotwork

SPS have secured the ABS approval for the No Hotwork SPS application on the Main Deck of an FSO to reinstate the corroded areas and enhance the strength of the deck structure.

For this SPS No Hotwork solution, the perimeter bars are fitted to the existing deck using engineered structural adhesive and new SPS steel top plates are fitted and bolted to the perimeter bars, thus creating a number of cavities, into which the elastomer is subsequently injected to complete the reinstatement.

The full structural capacity is transferred across the joints between adjacent top plates by means of connections made with high-strength pretensioned bolts.

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